Profession with Purpose

Professional Personal Consulting Solutions with focus on providing professional
personal accounting, tax and small business consulting services.

Financial and Tax.

  • ( Accounting)
    Bookkeeping and Accounting monthly and annual. Financial Statements for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Close Corporations. Accounting Officer to Close Corporations.

  • ( Financial Management)
    Financial and Management Accounting in the Manufacturing sector. ERP systems implementation and data reporting.

  • ( Tax )
    Personal and Company Tax returns. Tax planning and consulting.

  • ( Small Business Assistance )
    Registration of Close Corporations and assistance formation of Companies. Statutory registrations for Vat. etc.

  • ( Manufacturing )

    Specialized costing and management accounting services to the manufacturing sector,
    specific to motor vehicle component manufactures and engineering companies,
    and administration of industry incentives.

  • ( tripTrack)

    Proudly associated with tripTrack, your hassle-free Logbooks. An automated GPS Vehicle Logbook System that only take 15 minutes a week.

    Are you maximising your motor vehicle tax deductions? Are you like most who start each tax year by keeping an accurate logbook only to have the tediousness of the task dampen your enthusiasm? Don’t you wish that there was an automated solution that will allow you to claim what is rightfully yours from the Tax Man? If you answered YES to any of the above, then look no more…...

    What is tripTrack?

    The tripTrack Logbook system is an easy-to-use,inexpensive, accurate and convenient method for logging your kilometers and motor vehicle expenses.
    In short, this is an easy to use system that does the work for you thus enabling you to claim the maximum allowable tax deduction.

    Who would benefit?

    Anyone who:
    * receives a car/travel allowance
    * uses a company car
    * works for commission
    * is self-employed
    * does high personal and business mileage
    * only does a high business mileage